Yunnan Lufeng Qinpan Phosphor Chemical Co. Ltd. is a private enterprise established in December 2004. It receives support from local and state government, customers and the public, as well as the efforts of company staff since its establishment. The company has grown into a medium-sized enterprise full of vitality and energy. It has become a leading enterprise in the phosphor chemical industry of Yunnan. 

    The company has more than 600 full-time employees, and 180 skilled technical staff. The management team is consociated with a modern vision. The main products are single superphosphate (powdered and granular), triple superphosphate, double superphosphate, compound fertilizer, BB fertilizer, sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and iron concentrate. The produces 400000 t/y of superphosphate, 100000 t/y of granular superphosphate, 160000 t/y of phosphate rock powder, 300000 t/y of triple superphosphate, 100000 t/y of phosphoric acid, and 5000 t/y of by-product sodium fluorosilicate and 200000 t/y of sulfuric acid with the support of a 4500KW power generator set.

    The company has a sound organizational structure and strong technical force, with experience of more than 40 years in producing phosphate fertilizer. It meets the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Standard.  The Key product "Qinfeng" superphosphate is popular in the market throughout the years and is famous both inside and outside the province; being the preferred product, it has been honored as "Yunnan White" by its consumers. In addition, it has been awarded titles such as "Famous Trademark of Yunnan Province" and "Famous Brand Product of Yunnan Province". It has high reputation in China, and it is also sold to Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America. The company has registered a subsidiary in Australia, and using it as a trading agency to sell its products all over the world.

    For so many years,the company has adhered to the enterprise concept of "Diligence First and Pursuit of Higher Target Foremost",always persisted in operation and management guideline of “Customer first,  people oriented” and taken “Internationalization, technicalization, reutilization, industrialization and socialization” as the strategic objective of company development. In addition, the Company has never stopped innovating and exploring on the way of new industrialization. The company has seen rapid development and achieved great success. It has been awarded several honors by Provincial, State and Local government, as well as received recognition and praise from its customers and local society. Now the Company has grown into the backbone phosphor chemical enterprise of large scale, flexible mechanism and strong management in Chuxiong and is one of the Top 20 enterprises of Chuxiong, ranking at the forefront among enterprises engaged in the same trade in Yunnan province.

    In the future, the Company will continue its path of innovation with 100% confidence and overcoming difficulties with enterprising spirit. It is willing to build a bright future with joint hands from the consumers and friends of community.

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