Our corporate concept — "Hard work brings harvest, constant climbing generates success".

               A diligent person enjoys a colorful life; a far-sighted man aims at reaching the pinnacle of life.


Our quality target — quality oriented with strict standards; requirements met with effective improvements.

    We seek survival with quality, win credibility with quality, and obtain development with credit. 

    We respect the needs of customers with constant improvements to gain customer satisfaction!

Our business policy — "customer first and people oriented".

    We always go after what the clients are looking for. 

    We respect clients, understand clients, and provide products and services that exceed the expectations of clients. 

    We will always be a good friend of the clients.

    We respect and care for employees, and stimulate enthusiasm and creativity of the staff. 

    We seek common development with our employees.

Our development strategy — "internationalization, technicalization, reclamation, industrialization, and socialization".

    We conform to the trend of science and technology development with an international mindset. 

    We are devoted to innovation of products and technologies by using advanced equipment. 

    We focus on developing circular economy with utilization and industrialization advanced simultaneously. 

    We strive for the ultimate target of making contributions to the society.

  Diligent                        Efficient                        Creative                      Harmonious

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